Frequently Asked Question's

Questions from Past Guests ( or Learn More About the Condo and Jaco)

 1.   Can you see the beach from the condo?

 Yes, there are spectacular views from this 8th floor condo.  It is visible from the bed in the master bedroom and from the brown bedroom, and from the family room and dining room and balcony, on which you can sit, eat, drink, and watch the ocean and sunset.   You are close enough to see the surf.

 I quote one guest comment whose family stayed there in Jan, 2010 :

 The condo “has an awesome view of both the ocean and Jaco town.  It is close to the beach. “

 2.   How far is the condo from the beach?

 It is l long block from the gate to the main town street.  The condo has two beach accesses across that street.   

 3.  How do you get to the beach?

 You go to the main gate.  From there, you walk to the main street you were on when you entered town.  Go across the street.  There is a path to the beach by the Economy car bus bench.  It goes through the trees.  You might see birds.  At the end, there are coconut trees and the beach. 

 4.   Is the water warm?

 Always.  Year round, any time of day, this part of the Pacific Ocean is warm enough to just go right in, even at night, and even without a wet suit.   You do not have to “get used to it” or gradually wade in.  The surfing and fishing are world famous.  It is an outdoors person’s paradise.

 5.     Are the waves too big for my small children?

I plan on taking my grand children to play on the beach and swim in the ocean. Many families take their children to Jaco beach from San Jose on weekends. 

 Jaco is world famous for waves for surfing and always warm water.  But, the big surfing waves are way out far from the beach –farther than your children would go.  But, just like if they were swimming at home, you must watch them and do not let them swim alone.  Near the beach, the ocean is very shallow so that an adult can go way out without being above waist high.

 There is some undertow, further out, but again, if you swim with your kids closer in to the beach, it should not be a problem.   The waves get bigger during storms.

 6.   How many beds are there?

There are 5 beds to sleep 6 persons in 3 bedrooms.  The master bedroom has a king size bed.  The other two rooms each have two twin beds, separated by a night table that can be moved if you want to move the beds together. 

7.   What does the condo have?

 It is your home away from home near the beach and with a fantastic view of the ocean from the 8th floor.  It is a large furnished luxury condo with a dining room, family room, and complete kitchen and washer and dryer with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths.   It is completely furnished, including linens, towels, and dishes and cooking utensils.  The kitchen has a refrigerator-freezer, oven-stove, dishwasher, disposal, microwave, coffee maker, blender, and toaster oven.   Each room has their own controlled air conditioners.  The family room has cable tv with a DVD player and movies.  The floors are all tile.  The kitchen has granite countertops.  I also offer some maid service depending on the length of stay.

 Some laptops work in the condo to get free wi-fi.  The grounds have an amazingly long pool with 3 jacuzzis and a children’s play set.  There is also a restaurant and a computer room that gets internet.  There is free parking right by the building. The complex has 24/7 guarded gate entrance.

 8    What is the size of the condo?

The condo is 1300 sq feet, which includes the 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, full kitchen, dining room, and family room.   There are also 3 balconies with l terrace large one to sit and eat, drink, or watch the sunset from the 8th floor view.

9.     Is the kitchen stocked with items such as plates, silverware, pots/pans, etc. because we would like to have breakfasts, sandwiches and the like while we’re there?

 Besides most appliances like a stove-oven, microwave, coffee maker, blender, and toaster oven, it has silverware, cups, saucers, glasses, plates for six.  It also has an assortment of pots, pans and fry pans, and cooking items.   It also has a refrigerator for your left-overs and a dishwasher to help clean up. 

10   Is there internet access ?

 Yes.  My laptop worked in the condo’s dining room and kitchen.  It is a Dell made in 2008.

-If yours does not work in the condo, try the pool area as the signal is stronger there.

-Also, in building 3 there is a room with 4 computers with internet.

-There also are internet cafes in town.

  11   What kind of security is there at this complex? 

   Security is 24/7 with a gated entrance with guards that have to let you in and out.   Also, the room keys are the magnetic card type and are generated to be only good while you have them.  If you lose them, tell the reception area and they can cancel the old ones and issue new ones.

  12    Is there parking on site? 

 Yes, there is free street level parking right by building 5 and 6.

  13   Is there on outside BBQ available?

 There will be after May 17, 2010.

 14   Is the water safe to drink?

I have personally drunk the water in the condo straight from the tap without any problem.  

 15    Where is the condo in relation to the town? 

 The condo is in town.  There are restaurants and bars right around the corner. It is only about 2 blocks to other restaurants, bars, shops, tour stands.  The bus stop is right by Pizza Hut.

The complex is near the north end of town, by Pizza Hut.  The town is very small.   While I am told the main street is only 3 miles long, anything you need is within a $ 1.50 cab ride or a 6 block walk. That would include casino, banks, restaurants, grocery stores, tour bookings, spa, banks, bars, and shops.

I quote one guest comment whose family stayed there in Jan, 2010 :

 The condo “has the advantage of not being right in the middle of the town where all the activities and night/day life take place, but it is only a few yards from them.  Location is very convenient. ”

 16    How far is the condo from the bars or restaurants?

 Jaco is only about 3 miles long.  The condo is mostly at the north end by the Pizza Hut.  There are 2 restaurants and l sports bar right around the corner and l is across the street.  The rest are a 5 – 10 minute walk or $ 1 – 2 cab ride.

 There is a great restaurant in the complex.  Breakfast is about $ 3.50 for eggs, beans, rice, fruit, coffee, and juice.  But, it is not a bar.  It also has a chef for hire to serve you in the condo.

 17   How far is the grocery store?

 There are many to choose from.  The closest is about a 4 block walk.  It is $ 1.50 cab ride.

 18  What is there to do in Jaco?

 When you are done body or board surfing, fishing, diving, swimming, or playing at the beach, there are many sights and activities you can drive to, take a public bus to, or take tours from town.  This includes  zip lining, volcanoes, hot springs, wildlife, plant life, hiking, quads, biking, boating, kayaking, or horse back riding.  There are jungles, mountains, rain forests, rivers, waterfalls, islands, lakes, coffee plantations, butterfly and hummingbird farms to see.  You will have to choose as you will probably not be able to see and do everything.

 Of course the town has the normal items like shopping, casino, bars, restaurants, salons, and even a gym.

 19   Can I get cheaper places to stay in Jaco?

 Not for the same thing.   My condo holds six persons in 3 bedrooms.   Divide it up per person per room and see how it compares.  Plus, you are getting more than just a bed and a bathroom.

 But, yes, like anything, there is always something cheaper.

But, be careful with the cheaper places.  Some places do not have their own bathrooms, air conditioning, security, ocean view or access, TVs, free Wi-Fi service, microwave, refrigerator-freezer, pool, Jacuzzi, maid service, or peace and quiet.  Just remember, there is a real difference in Jaco in the size, condition, quality, location, and amenities in the different choices out there.

 You get what you pay for.

 Mine is one of the best in all regards.  I monitor as many other rental properties as I can in the area and always keep mine very competitively priced.

 If you rent from me, you will enjoy the amazing view of the ocean and surf from your 8th floor condo which has 3 balconies and l terrace.  You will enjoy ocean views from the master bed, family room, dining room, and balcony from which you can watch the sunset. 

 I provide maid service before and after you leave.  Other maid service depends on length of stay.

 20     I want to rent the condo?  What is the process?

      Just email me at the  

 Give me your phone number so I can call you to discuss method of payment.  Also include any further questions you may have.  I will send you a reservation form, and I will require a photo ID of all adults staying in the condo and a copy of your credit card. 

 After I receive the money, I will block it off for you.  Once I get the documents, I will email the front desk with your names to have keys ready for you.

 21   How can I pay?

 Send money order for the rent payable to Michael Cantor.   Or you can pay by Pay Pal if you wish to use a credit or debit card.

 If using PayPal, you will be required to pay the %3 service fee (if applied)

 22     How do I get Costa Rican money?

 The local money is called “Colones.”

 Click HERE to get current exchange rate of dollars to colones.  Take a pocket calculator.  You can usually pay in dollars or credit card, but some places give a better rate than others.  So, I like to have colones with me for those that do not give a good rate or those few places that only take colones.  Also, check with your card company to see what their charges are. 

 Once you know the rate, you can see if the airport exchange stand is fair or not.  If not, you should be able to pay for the airport cab with dollars or credit card and get colones later at a bank or maybe your hotel.   

 In Jaco, there is a bank in the complex by Pizza Hut if you need to cash a traveler check or get colones.  I carry a copy of my passport page l and the page showing entry in your passport with me instead of the original to show the bank or others.

 23.      Will my regular cell phone work in Jaco?

 Probably not unless you have paid for an international chip, program or calls.  Call your phone company before you leave.

 At the San Jose airport, if you have brought the right kind of unlocked cell phone with you, you can buy a chip from the ICE stand that will let you make local calls and calls to the US.  If you use up the minutes, there are places in Jaco you can buy more minutes.  But, the chip can only be bought at the airport.  It costs for about $ 20.  Try   But, unless you are going to make a lot of calls or use the phone elsewhere, it may not be worth it. 

 There is also always if you are taking your laptop.

 Or, in Jaco, there are internet cafes with phones.  There are pay phones for local calls.  

 24.     Besides just keeping our wits about us, when traveling in general, are there any security concerns we should be especially aware of?

 As for theft, it would be like any US or world city.  It is generally safe, but there are poor people who will take stuff if you make it available.   It is best not to wear expensive jewelry.  When you go to the beach, it is best to have a designated watcher of stuff (DWS) or only take what you can afford to lose just in case.  If I go alone to swim, I just take a towel and shoes.  I wear a little waterproof pack for my key or coins or credit card.

 When in public, watch your stuff and do not leave it unattended or where someone can snatch and run.  Use common sense and be alert, watchful, and do not flash a lot of money or jewelry or expensive camera.

 25.    How much are cabs?

 They are inexpensive compared to the US.

If you say no when they come up to ask for your business, they may lower the price, especially for a large fare.

At the San Jose airport, if you need a cab, go outside, and then go left to the corner where there is a window for the cab.  You tell them or show them where you want to go.  They tell you how much.  You prepay.  They get you an orange cab.  You do not have to worry about the price then.   Hopefully someone told them where you want to go, but you might want to show or tell them again.  They may or may not speak English.  It might be an interesting ride depending on the time of day and where in San Jose you are going.

Outside of the airport, use the red cab with the yellow triangle the rest of the time, including Jaco.  You can use any you want, but I am told the above are the licensed regulated ones.

Cuanto Questo (“Quanto Questo”) “how much” is good to ask before you get in.  You can always show him the building or address where you are going to the get price.  If you do not understand the answer, ask him or her to write down the price.  Escrita lo (Write it)

 26.    How do I get to Jaco from San Jose?

 Yeh!  The new freeway is done.  Now, the ride to Jaco is only about 75 minutes

 There is Grayline and other tours, buses, vans, and cabs for hire that can take you to Jaco.  The local bus starts at $ 4.  Vans and cabs can probably be called to your hotel and run from $ 70 – 90.  Check the Grayline schedule on line or at the hotel for where they stop and their cost ($ 30-40 per person to Jaco.)  The more persons in your group, the more affordable the van or cab are when on a per person basis.   Plus, your van or cab driver will probably be willing to stop at the crocodile bridge over the river so you can see the crocodiles about 30 minutes before you get to Jaco. 

 If you want to save money and start with a taste of the local life, take the local city bus.   I did not have any problems and enjoyed the price of only 2000 colones (about $ 3) to go all the way to Jaco.  I used it and arrived safely every times. The public bus is not air-conditioned.  This local bus is a good chance to practice your Spanish with the locals on the bus.  But, if there are more than l of you, then other methods like a van become more affordable.  You can take food and drinks.  It does not stop for the crocodiles.

The main stop for the local city bus in San Jose to go to Jaco is the Coco Cola station downtown. (There are other stops, but you have to ask your hotel or hope the cab driver knows where they are.)  The coca cola station is like many downtown ones and is not fancy or even nice looking.  Watch your stuff.  Do not leave unattended.  Go to the ticket window and ask for ticket for bus to Jaco.  You can pay in dollars.  Watch your bags at the station. (If you have anything really valuable in your large non-carry on bags that they put underneath in the baggage area of the bus, or even the overhead area, you can watch when they unload anything at the few local stops to be sure your bag is not taken out.)   You are given a baggage claim paper.)  It stops right by Pizza Hut which is about a 2 block walk or cab ride to your condo.

27.    Question Not Answered elsewhere in this web page

Write or call if you have other questions.   Enjoy your trip. 

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