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Costa Rica, Ecotourism 4 December 2009 | 0 Comments

Every year, many thousands of visitors come to Costa Rica because of one simple fact.  Although Costa Rica covers only 0.03% of the surface of the earth, Costa Rica has approximately 6% of the world’s bio diversity.  For this reason alone, Costa Rica has become a Mecca for ecotourism : outdoor activities and events. The country is into preserving the ecology. This leaves this beautiful place intact for other to see next week, next year or next century.

Astonishingly, Costa Rica has 12 different climatic zones, and by some reports, as many as twenty-seven different weather patterns. 
Perhaps even more astounding, almost five percent of all known species on earth can be found here. 
Additionally, more species of butterflies can be found in Costa Rica than on the entire continent of Africa, and for bird watchers there are over 850 species… more than are in ALL of North America!

Much of the country is in a fault zone and thus includes a large number of volcanoes and mountains.  This is part of the Andean-Sierra Madre chain, and runs the length of the Costa Rica separating the Caribbean Sea to the east from the Pacific Ocean to the west.  Costa Rica has twelve distinct ecological zones – incredibly, more than all of North America combined!  While Costa Rica is assuredly in the tropics, the extreme variations in elevation provide climatic conditions that separate it from tropical climates elsewhere.
The Pacific coast lowlands averages about 90° F while the mountain Cerro Chirripó has peaks above 12,800 feet  and where you will find daytime temperatures that seldom exceed 48° F.

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