Its Not Your Imagination – The Ocean is Warmer Here

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In California, there are plenty of beaches, but the waters are cold. In Jaco, Costa Rica, the ocean waters are just as warm as they should be. You can go right in without getting used to it or talking yourself into it. You can do so even in December or at night and even without a wet suit.

Warm waters and beautiful country are what beach lovers have dreaming of for many years. That is what you will find on your trip to Jaco, Costa Rica. Costa Rica is warmer, less crowded, and less expensive than Hawaii or California, and there are no hurricanes like in the Caribbean. Plus, in Costa Rica, there are numerous activities and wildlife, like zip lining, fishing, surfing, diving, hiking, biking, jungles, volcanoes, hot springs, horse back riding, boating, rafting, monkeys, crocodiles, parrots, iguanas and more. In 2009, a world surfing tournament was held in Jaco.
People are not the only ones who like the warm Costa Rican ocean water: some spectacular sport fish love to swim in the local climate. Right off Jaco Beach is a world-class sportfishing zone, with dorado, tuna, marlin, and wahoo that would turn up their bills at colder seas. Their presence and Jaco’s reputation as a fishing paradise have resulted in numerous operators offering fishing charters out of Jaco. An annual billfish tournament also draws hundreds of participants and spectators.

Staying in this condo that is like home away from home will help you enjoy the country, the town of Jaco, the outdoors, activities, wildlife, nature, and the warm ocean temperature. When relaxing at the condo, you can swim in the landscaped long pool or jacuzzi.

Going into the Pacific Ocean is almost like a warm bath to go swimming, but with waves and beautiful scenery. Costa Rica is what it should feel like to swim in the tropics. The average water temperature in Costa Rica is about 80 Fahrenheit, slightly warmer than Hawaii which is twice as far from the equator. By contrast, the surf in Los Angeles averages about 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will find the Costa Ricans to be friendly and upbeat.

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